Electronics Circuit Board / Edge Connector Anti-static Cleaning Fluid

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Electronics Circuit Board / Edge Connector Antistatic Cleaning Fluid & Cleaning Buds for Retro Computers - 10ml.

10ml of special anti-static cleaning solvent and cleaning buds, ideal for cleaning all types of electronic components (particularly the edge connectors used widely on vintage computer motherboards).

Aids effective removal of the oxidation and contamination on all types of connectors which has built up over long periods of storage - particularly on old electronic equipment stored in damp dusty areas, or areas subject to wide temperature variance (garages and lofts).

Very often, the causes of a non-working peripheral such as a joystick plugged into the edge connector are dirty, oxidised edge connector pads.

A very useful service aid, also good for cleaning of components before soldering and removal of flux following repairs and component replacement.


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