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Sue and I are retired now from full time employment and our website and restoration work of retro computers is a much loved hobby, not a full time commercial activity.  As such, whilst we are at home much more often than we were, we do also try to enjoy our retirement and do when possible, spend time away in the Lake District where I indulge my other my other passion of landscape photography.

However, we try to balance the leisure time and always aim to ship any products purchased from the site within three working days.  We also try to be always contactable should you have any queries about your orders, our products, or just need some advice.

To contact us, send us an email by the primary method of communication - we can usually access emails wherever we happen to be and will respond to you as quickly as possible.  This will usually be the same day, but give us a couple of days in case we are at the top of Helvelln with no signal!
If you haven't received a reply after a couple of days, please try again - you may have been the subject of an over zealous spam filter.

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