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About the Site
For new visitors who don't know me, I collect and restore many types of 1980's retro computer systems (although I do tend to have a particular preference for the Sinclair and Amstrad machines) . 

My website was originally set up to provide information on the range of 8-bit micro computers I restore and support - focusing on the companies behind them, their development history and sadly for most of them, their ultimate demise.

As the site was noticed, I started to receive many emails and questions.  The site expanded (and continues to do so) as I tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by sharing my own knowledge and experience through the technical pages.
I try to 
offer support and advice in a friendly and non-technical way and will continue to add sections as visitors request them - drop me an email if you want a particular subject covered and I'll do my best to help.

By popular request, I now also try to offer a range of spares, parts, peripherals, documentation, books, software and even complete machines whenever possible.  These are all offered from my on-line shop which is integrated into the site.
Payment for items is quick and easy via PayPal, but you can pay by other methods should you prefer (please email me).

Please do note, the site and its shop are dedicated to preserving, not profiteering.  I am a hobbyist, not an enterprise - the prices for items simply reflect their searching out and buying-in prices, plus the costs of repairs and restoration.  It is the result of a much loved hobby, not a source of income, please read my Terms & Conditions for more information before making any purchases.

For a guide on how to use the site, navigate around the menus etc., then see the "How to use the Site" page.

Updates are regular - the date of update and key changes are always shown at the foot of this page (often with more detail in the "What's New" section) so you can feel confident that the site is live and not just a museum.

If you have any comments, suggestions or requests for further site content, please feel free to email me. 

For more information about DataServe, see my About Me page, or drop me an e-mail.

Last Site Update: 25th April 2017

What's New


I have now completed the new website and it is in final testing.


The structure is completely different to the current site, with the section focus being on specific machines/manufacturers. 
Each section (for example, Sinclair) has several sub-sections containing a model history, a sales section (split into systems, spares, software and books) plus a technical and Repairs & Servicing sections in some cases.  
Hopefully, this will make the site easier to navigate - just go to the manufacturer's section you want and everything will be there in one place.


I am now refreshing photographs of pages carried over from this website and adding many more spares, manuals, books and games to each of the sales sections.


The launch date is now set for Monday 1st May.








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