How to use the Site

Navigation around the site is via two sets of menus (navigation bars) - the first, at the top of each page is

for navigating the main pages of the website.  Hover over a menu item with the mouse, then click to navigate to that page.

The left hand navigation bar is for access to the main content of the website, again hover over a menu item with the mouse and click to go to that section of the site.

Some sections have a further submenu (such as the DataServe Shop) which will appear towards the top of the current page being viewed just above the "breadcrumb" (see picture right). Once again, just hover over the menu item and click.  In the case of the Shop for example, you will then be taken to that page.

You can click on the "breadcrumb" to navigate back through the site if you get lost!

Historical information can be found on pages specific to the manufacturer, click on the manufacturer in the navigation menu to the left to be taken to the page you are interested in.

Other options from the navigation menu include technical pages, which dive a little deeper into specific models of computer and the quirks and common problems associated with them.

By request, I have added a "Repairs" section to the navigation bar, showing what I hope are clear instructions on how to carry out many "not too technical", common fault repairs, with photographs to help where appropriate. 

Any changes or new additions to the site will be posted at the bottom of the Home page as they occur.  Naturally, to keep the site up to date, the information will only remain there for a few days and then be transferred to the "What's New" pages which serve as an archive of additions.

DataServe Shop is also accessed from the left navigation bar.  A sub-menu will appear towards the top of the page to give access to the different sections and subsections of the shop.

I try to offer as wide a range as possible of peripherals, spares, data media, manuals, books,software and complete computer systems so you can expand your own retro collection. All are described fully and honestly and all hardware is tested working unless stated otherwise.
If you don't see what you're looking for, drop me an email and I'll see if I can help (or point you in the right direction).