CF2 3 Disks


CF-2 3" Disks...

All disks offered (except new, sealed disks) are used, but are re-formatted as data, verified and tested on an Amstrad 6128 and re-labelled as necessary.  They can of course be re-formatted for any machine which uses the 3" disk drive.

Old labels which were not removable may be present on the disks or beneath the new labels.

Multiple purchases will be combined to give the best possible shipping costs.  The website engine will try to calculate this, but often, because of the way both size and weight and number of units purchased can effect  the cost, the price given may be too high.  We always review the final package and can often get a better cost on the day.
If this is the case we will send a PayPal refund after dispatch.


Sorry, we have no 3" disks available at the moment...