Commodore VIC-20 - Books

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A Pocket Handbook For The VIC - VIC-20 Book

A Pocket Handbook For The VIC
By Peter Gerrard & Danny Doyle

"All the vital information needed to use the VIC".
A fairly technical little book covering ASCII tables, BASIC keywords, error messages, colour memory, disk commands, memory maps and much more.

A 96 page paper back in excellent condition.

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Get More From The VIC 20 - VIC-20 Book

Get More From The VIC 20
By Owen Bishop

Wriiten for the VIC 20 beginner as well as for users familiar with other machines.

Shows how to get the best from the general facilities of the VIC 20, but also lets you movequickly to writing your own programs, covering BASIC, sound and graphics in detail.  Lots of examples and a host of routines which provide reliable and effective short-cuts to competent programming.

A 186 page paperback in very good condition.

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Getting The Most From Your VIC-20 - VIC-20 Book

Getting The Most From Your VIC-20
By Dennis Jarrett

A comprehensive introduction to the VIC-20 taking you through the elements and mastery of the machine in a clear and painless way.  Many clear diagrams, programs and colour photographs, plus entertaining examples and informative appendices.

A 234 page paperback in good condition.

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Learn Computer Programming with the Commodore VIC-20

Learn Computer Programming with the Commodore VIC-20
by L.R. Carter and E. Huzan

Provides a practical grounding in BASIC showing how to plan, write, develop and test BASIC programs, ranging from colour and sound animations to scientific and business applications.
A comprehensive series of exercises, with answers is provided to help you learn at your own pace.

A small 150 page paper back in good condition.

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The VIC-20 Connection - VIC-20 Book

The VIC-20 Connection
By James W Coffren

Probably just for interest these days, rather than for any practical use, but this interesting book shows how easy it is to use the VIC-20 together with househiold devices.  Covers how to use the VIC to control a home security system, temperature control, a voice synthesizer and contro other home appliances.

A 274 page paperback in very good condition

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Tricks for VICS - VIC-20 Book

Tricks for VICS
By Sam D Roberts

Interesting book containing ready to run programs, examples of programming in machine language, hardware projects and Input/Output programming.  Certainly a little more interesting than just programming in BASIC!

A 116 page paperback in very good condition

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VIC 20 Starter Book - VIC-20 Book

VIC 20 Starter Book
By J.A. Titus, C A Titus & D G Larsen

Enjoyable introduction to programming for the first time user. Contains many programming experiments to help the reader learn, including questions and programming problems to be solved. Answers to questions, and solutions to the selected problems are given at the end of the book.
Also covers accessories for the VIC 20 including the tape unit, printers, joystick and cartridges.

A 344 page paperback in very good condition

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VIC Innovative Computing - VIC-20 Book

VIC Innovative Computing
By Clifford Ramshaw

An excellent book of games listings and colour screenshots, covering Space games, Frogger, sports sims and adventure, many of which were released commercially on cassette.

A 150 page paper back in excellent condition